The Dragon School 

The Dragon is one of the UK’s leading coeducational preparatory schools. It is a learning community in which life‐long learning for a rapidly changing world is seen as a priority. Its academic reputation speaks for itself and the School is very proud of the achievements of all pupils across a wide academic spectrum. 

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Family Links 

Family Links is a national charity that believes every child and parent deserves the best chance in life. Family Links enables parents and teachers to become more effective, caring and confident in raising emotionally resilient and socially competent children. Our dynamic approach tackles the root causes of social problems with the Nurturing Programme, which challenges intergenerational dysfunction. 

Family Links has worked in partnership with many schools since 1997 and has developed insights and expertise about the value of the whole school team being consistent in their use of positive behaviour management strategies underpinned by a belief that creating an emotionally calm school environment is crucial for top quality teaching and learning. Family Links will work with the three schools to build on their current school behaviour policies to ensure consistency of approach within the Academy. 

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The Hamilton Trust

The Hamilton Trust provides practical support nationally for raising the educational attainments of children up to the age of 11 and supports the effectiveness and professional job satisfaction, and hence retention, of primary school teachers. 

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