NQT Programme

Exciting NQT Programme!


The Blackbird Academy Trust (BAT) believes that the first twelve months of a teacher’s career is not only very demanding but also of considerable significance in the professional development of a new teacher. We therefore offer a bespoke, flexible, informative and relevant induction process, which ensures appropriate guidance, support and training. The programme includes the development of skills, knowledge and expectations through exciting sessions led by BAT staff, external agencies and other professionals. We offer exceptional professional development to grow as a teacher with opportunities to generate creative and innovative teaching.

As an NQT, you not only have a mentor who is a member of your teaching team, but also a dedicated member of the BAT team who ensures that the first year of your teaching career is an effective and fulfilling one.

New staff are warmly welcomed into the whole school team, helped to establish their role and position within that team and enabled to grow and develop as individuals as well as team members. NQTs are given every assistance in settling into school quickly and happily and are helped to gain a knowledge and understanding of the philosophy and ethos of the Academy.


Feedback from NQTs:

"My two years here have been very rewarding. The children are great."

"The staff team are very supportive and friendly. I've made lots of good friends."

“Having regular meetings with NQTs across BAT has helped and allowed me to realise we are going through similar situations and we’re there to support each other.”

“I feel like the advice and support has always been targeted specifically to me which was very helpful."

"The mentoring and training has been very good. I've learnt a great deal in a short time."

“Hamilton maths sessions were a good refocus on the strategies and teaching methods. Visiting other schools is always a great thing to do to pick up ideas and discuss with other teachers.  The visits we have had have been effective.”

“Your support and advice all year has been really helpful – from little organisational tweaks to rather bigger aspects of my teaching it has all helped a lot. I always felt I could raise any problem or question with you and I think the NQT programme is a real benefit of this academy.”